about me

Hi, I am Anne! As a graphic designer, my goal is to create visuals that make you feel proud and confident about your work and brand. 


Editorial design, websites and social media visuals are my specialties. I have a deep appreciation for typography, photography and abstract art. My strength is being able to empathize with a broad set of people and translating vague ideas into tangible visuals. I believe in dedication and openness, and that success is a team sport.


My professional background lies in data analysis, software design and service optimizations. The design part is my true passion, so I've followed design courses after work. In my free time I make prints for apparel and accessories and no one is safe when I have a photo camera in my hands ;)


At the moment I am looking for a position as graphic or UI designer. In the meantime I also offer my services to individuals. A company’s design department or a design agency in Antwerp where people grow - and have fun - through collaboration would be my ideal place to work.


What you get in return is an enthusiastic team mate with a broad background, a holistic approach and a non-quitter mentality.


I hope you like exploring my website and I'd love to hear from you about working together!

Anne Knapen